Moving Services

Moving Services

lafayette, la

Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance

lafayette, la

Repossession Services
Liquidation Services

Effortlessly Move for as Low as $198 With Professional Movers

Moving Company in Lafayette, LA | Local & Long Distance Movers

When moving your home or business across town or across the state, do it successfully with affordable moving services from Two Man Crew. Our locally owned and operated moving company provides sensible residential and commercial moving services as well as many other services in Lafayette, LA. Call today to learn how you can benefit from professional, affordable services including:
  • Local and long distance movers
  • Apartment moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Repossession property maintenance
  • Commercial asset liquidation

Easily enhance your exterior with Two Man Crew

Landscaping and pressure washing in Lafayette, LA

Our outdoor services are ideal for sprucing up your new property, uplifting your old property before you move or just revitalizing your current landscape. We offer a variety of services from simple mowing and trimming to small-scale demolition and spring/fall cleanup.

Our outdoor services in Lafayette, LA, are also ideal for maintaining the curb appeal of repossessed properties. We encourage financial institutions that are responsible for maintaining REO properties to rely on the professional, affordable landscape services of Two Man Crew.

Profit from selling your unneeded commercial supplies

Commercial liquidation services in Lafayette, LA

Are you taking your retail shop or restaurant elsewhere and don’t have the space/need for your current inventory of items? Rely on Two Man Crew to organize and facilitate the liquidation of your equipment, furniture and more. Our liquidation services are ideal for just about any industry and are a great way for business owners to profit from the assets they no longer need. Call today for more information about our liquidation services in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Don't overpay elsewhere, we charge by the hour

Affordable moving and landscaping services in Lafayette, LA

While most moving companies charge a flat fee for services, regardless of what you actually need, we only charge by the hour, so you get exactly what you pay for. Get affordable moving, landscaping and liquidation services in Lafayette, Louisiana by relying on the professionals at Two Man Crew.

Two Man Crew have been movers you can trust in Lafayette, Louisianna since 2010. Our movers are dedicated, hard working, and will get you where you need to be in a fast and organized manner. Moving can be hard work and a huge hassle, but with the movers at Two Man Crew we make things easy so you can be at ease. No matter where you're moving, Two man Crew will get you there fast!

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